AiR 1 – ronne s

ronne s worked and lived in the «sonen» the periode from 1.6.17 to 15.7.17.


There is a hero (scarecrow) who is in love with a local girl (girl) but the parents (mother) object to their bonding. Their affairs are interrupted by a war, the war on birds. The girl waits and in the mean time the soldier befriends the enemy. He recognizes the variability of his acclaimed knowledge due to the plain ignorance and obedient but independent behavior in the bird (sparrow). His believe in truth (the good and the bad) is shattered. After his return from the field he does not know how to express the love he still feels for the girl he left behind and goes fishing instead with the sparrow (an allied war on fish). It is a rural affair and a never ending story. Moral: to achieve progress the circle should be broken and not fixed; the third way (the ugly one).

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